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FMP: Queer Love Stories

This week was the most challenging in terms of time as I needed to develop my project further after my final crit. The feedback though positive in terms of how much research and developments I had made over the course of my project, was still expected when it came to the ‘final piece’. I knew […]


This year we had a small block of clothed life drawing with artist and ex-cap student Aimee McCallum. This was the first time I had drawn a clothed model which was an interesting and also a challenging (due to it being over a webcam) experience. I’ve chosen 4 life drawings I did over the 2 […]

FMP: Queer Love Stories

As well as character development I wanted to make sure I had enough screen time, and if that meant needing to create maybe 1 more set then I needed to plan ahead for that time wise. Here I basically just made a page in my sketchbook looking at potential things I could include in my […]